MU Plant Research Symposium 2021

"The next green revolution: challenges and strategies towards a sustainable agriculture"

March 4-5, 2021 | Virtual

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The University of Missouri (Mizzou) is excited to be hosting its 5th annual MU Plant Research Symposium entitled: "The next green revolution: challenges and strategies towards a sustainable agriculture". This symposium is a part of The Corteva Agriscience Plant Sciences Symposia series, which provides an opportunity for the next generation of scientists to interact with both public and private experts through student-driven and organized events at different academic institutions worldwide.

The aim of this symposium is to bring together numerous groups across Mizzou, other universities, and the community with vastly diverse research directed towards a unified goal: improving crops to solve problems facing food and agriculture today. In connection, participants presenting a poster or a talk will be required to have a section focusing on how their research can be applied to improve tomorrow's crops.

The symposium welcomes all members of the scientific and surrounding communities including, but not limited to, undergraduate students, graduate students, post-docs, technicians, high school students, and professors. Registration is free to all attendees.

The MU Plant Research Symposium Planning Committee is composed of four Ph.D. graduate students and four post docs in the Divisions of Biological and Plant Sciences at the University of Missouri: Fernanda Amaral, Singha Dhungana, Jeonghwa Kim, Pawan Basnet, Bhupinder Singh, Pei Liu, Miriam Salazar-Vidal and Tyler McCubbin under the advisement of Dr. Sherry Flint-Garcia

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